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	ESWC 2007
	4th European Semantic Web Conference
	3 - 7 June 2007
	Innsbruck (Austria)

The vision of the Semantic Web is to enhance today's web via the exploitation
of machine-processable meta data. The explicit representation of the semantics
of data, enriched with domain theories (Ontologies), will enable a web that
provides a qualitatively new level of service. It will weave together a large
network of human knowledge and makes this knowledge machine-processable.
Various automated services will help the users to achieve their goals by
accessing and processing information in machine-understandable form. This
network of knowledge systems will ultimately lead to truly intelligent systems,
which will be employed for various specialized reasoning subsystems to
accomplish complex tasks. Many technologies and methodologies are being
developed within Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Machine
Learning, Databases, Multimedia Systems, Distributed Systems, Software
Engineering and Information Systems that can contribute towards the realization
of this vision.

The 4th Annual European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2007) will present the
latest results in research and application of Semantic Web technologies,
including knowledge mark-up languages, Semantic Web services, and ontology
management. ESWC 2007 will also feature a special industry-oriented event, a
forum for gaining a better understanding of these new technologies and their
business aspects. The conference will offer a tutorial program to get up to
speed with European and global developments in this exciting new area.

Several distinguished scientists will give an invited talk at the
conference: prof. Stefano Ceri (Tech. Univ. of Milan, Italy), prof.
Georg Gottlob (Oxford Univ., UK), prof. Ning Zhong (Maebashi Institute
of Technology, Japan), and prof. Ron Brachman (Vice President of
Worldwide Research Operations at Yahoo! Research).

ESWC 2007 is sponsored by ESSI - a group of European Commission 6th Framework
Programme projects. Together these projects aim to improve world-wide research
and standardisation in the area of the Semantic Web. For more information on
ESSI, please visit www.essi-cluster.org.

The European Semantic Web Conference is an annual forum for the
dissemination and discussion of the latest results in research and
application in the Semantic Web and Semantic Web technologies.
ESWC 2007 will host a variety of workshops, tutorials, demonstrations
and posters dedicated to the most current trends in Semantic Web
technologies and
will be hosted in the heart of Alps, the unique city of Tirol, Innsbruck.

New to this year's ESWC is The Knowledge Web PhD Symposium aiming in bringing
together doctoral students within the Semantic Web community to open
their research
up to discussion in the European forum.

The 4th European Semantic Web Conference will be hosted in the heart of Alps,
the unique city of Tirol, Innsbruck.

For further details please visit the conference website http://www.eswc2007.org

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