[DL] Yuri Matiyasevich - 60! Call for papers.

Maxim Vsemirnov vsemir at logic.pdmi.ras.ru
Wed Feb 28 17:53:32 CET 2007

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Dear Academic Community,

In March 2007  Yuri Matiyasevich  will be 60.  In addition to his
outstanding  scientific  achievements,  Yuri Matiyasevich was the
editor  of  several  issues  of  the  journal  "Zapiski Nauchnykh
Seminarov POMI" ("Notes of Mathematical Seminars of St.Petersburg
Department of V.A.Steklov Institute of Mathematics").  He remains
an active author of our journal until now.

We decided  to devote  the next  issue  of  the journal  to  Yuri
Matiyasevich.  Please  find  the  call  for papers below. We will
be grateful if you  distribute  this  call for papers  among your

The deadline is set to May 10, 2007.
******   If you are unable to meet the deadline
******    but  strongly   wish   to  contribute,
please  communicate  a more  appropriate date  and an abstract to
any of the editors at the addresses listed below. We have a tight
schedule for the publication process (see below).

Faithfully yours,
    Anatol Slissenko and Maxim Vsemirnov


                        CALL FOR PAPERS

                  Notes of Mathematical Seminars
 of St.Petersburg Department of V.A.Steklov Institute of Mathematics


        Subseries:  Studies in Constructive Mathematics
                       and Mathematical Logic.
                            Issue XI

 Papers (either describing an original research or surveying a topic)
 are  solicited  in  all  areas  related  to  the interests  of  Yuri
 Matiyasevich.  They  include (but not limited to) all aspects of the
 mathematical logic, Diophantine equations and discrete mathematics.

 Submissions can be made either in English or in Russian.

 The issue containing  the original papers will appear in the printed
 form as well as on the Web. English translations (or original papers,
 for papers submitted  in English)  will later appear  in  Journal of
 Mathematical Sciences published by Springer.

SUBMISSION and other contacts.
 Please send your Postscript or PDF file to either of the editors:
     Anatol Slissenko      slissenko at univ-paris12.fr
     Maxim Vsemirnov       vsemir at pdmi.ras.ru

 Submission:                          by May  10, 2007.
 First referee reports:               July-August 2007.
 Revised (final) version if needed:   August-September 2007.
 Final decision:                      October 2007.
 Publication:                         November 2007.

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