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		Call for Papers

				CSL 07
		11-15 September, 2007
			Lausanne (CH)

Computer Science Logic (CSL) is the annual conference of the European  
Association for Computer Science Logic (EACSL).
The conference is intended for computer scientists whose research  
activities involve logic,
as well as for logicians working on issues significant for computer  
CSL'07, the 16th annual EACSL conference will be organized in  
Lausanne by the Western Swiss Center for Logic, History and  
Philosophy of Sciences, and the University of Lausanne.
The Ackermann Award for 2007 is sponsored by Logitech and will be  
presented to the recipients at CSL'07.
A joint session with GAMES 07, the annual meeting of the European  
Network will take place on 11 September, 2007.


Topics of interest include:
	- automated deduction and interactive theorem proving,
	- constructive mathematics and type theory,
	- equational logic and term rewriting,
	- automata and games,
	- modal and temporal logics,
	- model checking,
	- logical aspects of computational complexity,
	- finite model theory,
	- computational proof theory,
	- logic programming and constraints,
	- lambda calculus and combinatory logic,
	- categorical logic and topological semantics,
	- domain theory,
	- database theory,
	- specification, extraction and transformation of programs,
	- logical foundations of programming paradigms,
	- verification and program analysis,
	- linear logic,
	- higher-order logic,
	- nonmonotonic reasoning,
	- logics and type systems for biology.

Proceedings will be published in the LNCS series.
Each paper accepted by the Programme Committee must be presented at  
the conference by one of the authors, and final copy be prepared  
according to Springer's guidelines.

Submitted papers must be in Springer's LNCS style and of no more than  
15 pages, presenting work not previously published.
They must not be submitted concurrently to another conference with  
refereed proceedings.
Any closely related work submitted to a conference or journal before  
April 2, 2007 must be reported to the PC chairs.
Papers authored or coauthored by members of the Programme Committee  
are not allowed.

Submitted papers must be in English and provide sufficient detail to  
allow the Programme Committee to assess the merits of the paper.
Full proofs may appear in a technical appendix which will be read at  
the reviewer's discretion.
The title page must contain: title and author(s), physical and e-mail  
addresses, identification of the corresponding author, an abstract of  
no more than, 200 words, and a list of keywords.

The submission deadline is in two stages. Titles and abstracts must  
be submitted by 02 April, 2007 and full papers by 09 April, 2007.  
Notifications of acceptance will be sent by 21 May, 2007, and final  
versions are due 18 June, 2007.

Important Dates:
- title & abstract:	02 April, 2007
- full paper:		09 April, 2007
- Notification:		21 May, 2007
- Final papers:	18 June, 2007

Invited Speakers:

  -Samson Abramsky			(Oxford)
  -Luca de Alfaro 				(Santa Cruz)
  -Arnold Beckmann 			(Swansea)
  -Anuj Dawar 				(Cambridge)
  -Orna Kupferman 			(Jerusalem)
  -Donald A. Martin (pending)	(Los Angeles)
  -Helmut Seidl 				(Munich)

Programme Committee:

  -Sergeï Artemov 					(New-York)
  -Franz Baader 					(Dresden)
  -Lev Beklemishev 				(Moscow)
  -Andrei Bulatov 					(Burnaby)
  -Michel De Rougemont 			(Paris)
  -Jacques Duparc (co-Chair) 		(Lausanne)
  -Erich Grädel 					(Aachen)
  -Thomas Henzinger (co-Chair)	(Lausanne)
  -Michael Kaminski 				(Haïfa)
  -Stephan Kreutzer 				(Berlin)
  -Benedikt Loewe 				(Amsterdam)
  -Rupak Majumdar 				(Los Angeles)
  -Paul-André Méllies 				(Paris)
  -Joel Ouaknine 					(Oxford)
  -Jean-Eric Pin 					(Paris)
  -Nicole Schweikardt 				(Berlin)
  -Luc Segoufin 					(Orsay)
  -Thomas Strahm 				(Bern)
  -Ashish Tiwari 					(Menlo Park, CA)
  -Helmut Veith 					(Munich)
  -Igor Walukiewicz 				(Bordeaux)
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