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Henning Christiansen henning at RUC.DK
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                       CALL FOR WORKSHOP PROPOSALS

            6th International and Interdisciplinary Conference
                      on Modeling and Using Context

                      Roskilde University - Denmark
                            20-24 August 2007


CONTEXT 07 Workshops:

CONTEXT 07 invites proposals for the workshop program. Workshops will
be held on August 20-21 immediately prior to the main program of the


The main goal of the CONTEXT 07 workshops is to stimulate and facilitate
an active exchange on unique and interdisciplinary applications, ideas,
approaches, and methods about specific topics in the general area of
Modeling and Using Context. The Workshops provide a setting that fosters
informal discussion and active engagement among attendees. Researchers
from all disciplines are invited to submit proposals for workshop for
review. Workshops on specific relevant aspects of broader topics and
newly evolving areas of Context are particularly encouraged.

Workshops in general will be one full day in duration, exceptionally
lasting half a day or two days. Format and content of each workshop will
largely be determined by each workshop's organizing committee. Proposals
for "mini-conference" style workshops are discouraged and ample time
should be allotted for general discussion. Workshop organizers and
attendees must register for the main CONTEXT 07 conference!

For presenting workshop summaries to all conference attendees, a time
slot of about 10 minutes each will be provided in coordination with the
main conference's regular sessions. These summaries should be presented
by at least one of the workshop's organizers.


To propose a workshop for CONTEXT 07, you will submit a full proposal of
at most 5 pages containing the following information:

  * The proposed title of the workshop;
  * A brief description of the technical issues the workshop addresses;
  * A brief discussion on target audience and relevance to CONTEXT 07;
  * A preliminary workshop agenda/schedule, including desired duration;
  * A description of the intended workshop format and style;
  * A description of paper review process and acceptance standards;
  * Potential program committee members, including their affiliations;
  * Number of expected and, if available, a list of interested  
  * Intended means of advertising the workshop;
  * Related workshops recently held, with description and location;
  * Contact information, including the names, postal addresses, phone
    numbers, and email addresses of the proposed workshop organizing
    committee. The committee should consist of three or four people
    knowledgeable about the technical issues to be addressed and,
    ideally, not being from the same institution;
  * Brief notes on each member of the organizing committee and their
    recent work relating to the technical issues addressed.

All proposals should be submitted by electronic mail to the CONTEXT 07
workshop chair as PDF file as soon as possible but no later than
January 31, 2007 at:

   context07 at workshop.hm

Proposals will be reviewed by the program committee and prospective
organizers will be notified of their decision no later than February 15,


For all accepted proposals, CONTEXT 07 will be responsible for:

  * Providing a meeting place for the workshop;
  * Determining the workshop date and time;
  * Duplicating working notes.

Workshop organizers will be responsible for the following:

  * Setting up a web site for the workshop;
  * Advertising the workshop and issuing a call for papers/ 
  * Review and select presentations and papers;
  * Providing the complete workshop's working notes as single PDF file;
  * Ensure registration of workshop organizers and participants to the
    main conference;
  * Arrange for special requirements with the CONTEXT 07 Workshop Chair
    no later than July 18, 2007.

The workshop's call for papers should clarify the process by which the
organizing committee will review and select the papers and presentations
for being accepted. Additionally, the procedure, form, and dates for
submissions should be included. It is recommended to adopt the deadlines
for submissions and notifications from the list of important dates as
given below.

CONTEXT 07 reserves the right to cancel any workshop if the above
responsibilities are not fulfilled, or if too few attendees register
for the workshop. In special cases, the CONTEXT 07 program committee
may suggest the consolidation of workshops, to prevent the need for

The decision on the acceptance of workshops to be included in the final
CONTEXT 07 program will be based upon multiple factors, among others,
scientific and/or technical interest of the topic, the proposal's
quality, distinctness and balance of the workshop's topics, and the
capacity of the conference workshop program.


Jan 31.  Deadline for Workshop Proposal Submission
Feb 15.  Notification of Acceptance for Workshop Proposals
May 15.  Suggested Deadline for Workshop Paper Submission
Jun 07.  Suggested Day of Notifications for Papers
Jun 30.  Suggested Deadline for Camera-ready Copies of Papers
          to be received by the Workshop Organizers
Jul 18.  Deadline for Camera-ready Copy of Workshop Notes
          to be received by the CONTEXT 07 Workshop Chair
Aug 20.-21. Workshop Days


Stefan Schulz
The e-Spirit Company GmbH

Phone: +49 (231) 28661 - 43
Fax:   +49 (231) 28661 - 59

Email: context07 at workshop.hm

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