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SEMANTICS 2006: From Visions to Applications – The new Paradigm Shift in IT
28th – 30th November 2006, TechGate Vienna, www.semantics2006.net 

The annual international technology conference SEMANTICS 2006 will be held
at TechGate Vienna, Austria from the 28th – 30th November, 2006. SEMANTICS
2006 is the first concentrated event in Europe focusing on the emergence of
semantic web 2.0 technologies for the next generation internet. SEMANTICS
2006 aims to bring together researchers with industry representatives like
chief level executives, project managers, software vendors and investors. 
See www.semantics2006.net for further information, program, speakers, online
registration and travel itinerary. 

Technical, industrial and scientific applications of intelligent semantic
systems – for Web 2.0, business IT, new business models and the private user
– are the topics of the three-day international technology conference

Leading international experts in the field of economics and science (British
Telecom, IBM, Microsoft, Nokia, SAP, Siemens, Wikipedia, W3C, etc) will take
an in-depth look at the current state of the art in research and development
and will provide insight into the use of semantic technologies. 

Semantic Web – the business case
The conference will include an industrial track for presentations on
innovative commercial software related with the topics of the conference,
which include novel applications, experiences in applying recent research
advances to practical scenarios and innovations. 

Practical scenarios and show cases will also be presented at the “Industry
Awareness Day”, a program highlight of SEMANTICS 2006 on 29th November. 10
companies currently deploying the technology will present state-of-the-art
commercial use of semantic web products and services in such fields as
Automotive industry, Insurance & Banking, Energy & sustainable ecology,
Media content industry, Multimedia semantics, Sales, Trading & Logistics.

Pioneers of the Semantic Web 2.0 as keynote speakers Among the keynote
speakers of SEMANTICS 2006 will be the pioneers and inventors of Semantic
Web 2.0: Ora LASSILA (leading researcher at the Nokia Research Center
Cambridge, UK) and Professor James HENDLER (University of Maryland, US), as
well as Professor Frank LEYMANN (University of Stuttgart, Germany, former
head of development at IBM Germany). Additionally a wide variety of experts
from research and industry will speak about the applicability of semantic
technologies in corporate settings. 

SEMANTICS 2006 - turning scientific research into commercial opportunities
“Machine-readable data is a prerequisite to explore the increasing amount of
data on the web and generate added value, by mutually sharing and processing
information by automated tools as well as by people. Semantic Software thus
forms the heart of the proclaimed Web 2.0 development. New kinds of
applications can be developed that offer richer kinds of collaboration,
social networking, interconnection, and participation.”, explains Professor
Dieter Fensel, member of the programme-committee and scientific leader of
the Digital Enterprise Research Institute International DERI which is one of
the worldwide leading institutes in the area of semantics. “Semantics adds
meaning to content and makes them machine-readable”, he says.

Workshops, lectures and panel discussions will deal with a broad variety of
applications of the emerging new web-technology: reaching from new
applications such as Enterprise Service Applications, Semantic Web Services
and intelligent search engines to semantic content engineering, knowledge
and competence management, Social Software and Web 2.0. “This conference
will offer a unique forum of exchange of experiences to innovative
enterprises and international research-institutions”, says Alexander Wahler
of the HANIVAL Internet Services GmbH, Vienna. “Being one of the initiators
of this conference series, I am looking forward to promoting a dialogue
among the enterprises active in this field and the international research
community as a whole.” 

SEMANTICS 2006 Exhibition: showcasing applications “The convergence of Web
2.0 and semantic technologies is one of the key IT-trends today. Visitors to
the exhibition will have the opportunity to gain an overview of products and
services for the semantic information and knowledge management and to
network with investors and sponsors”, states Mag. Tassilo Pellegrini,
organiser of the accompanying exhibition and head of the Vienna-based
Semantic Web School. Enterprises such as HANIVAL Internet Services GmbH,
intrafind AG, moresophy GmbH, ontoprise GmbH, Procom Strasser, Profactor
Produktionsforschungs GmbH, punkt. netServices, Salzburg NewMedialLab and
uma information technology GmbH will present applications particularly
relevant for SMEs and inform visitors about the integration of semantic
technologies in operational environments. Among the exhibitors will also be
the Vienna Business Agency, the Platform Knowledge Management and Austria
Pro, the technology-initiative of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber. The
large EU-projects DIP and SUPER will also be present. DIP aims to create an
industrial strength platform based on a combination of semantic web and web
services technologies to fully automate the construction of web based
applications from re-usable components. SUPER aims to enable business
process experts to directly query and manage business processes which reside
in corporate IT systems using their preferred tools and their own business
oriented terminology and language.

Highlight of SEMANTICS 2006: bestowing the Heinz-Zemanek-Prize A highlight
of the three-day conference will be the presentation of two prizes - the
Heinz-Zemanek-Prize, endowed with 6000 Euro, and the OCG student prize,
endowed with 2000 Euro. These renowned scientific prizes are awarded every
two years to Austrian computer science researchers for outstanding work.
Both prizes will be awarded on the evening of November 28th by the Austrian
Computer Society. 

The conference and its organisers:
The annual international SEMANTICS-Conference takes place in Vienna for the
second time confirming Austria as an innovative location for science and
development in key technologies. It is organized by a consortium
international leading institutions and companies in the field of Semantic
Web: the Austrian Computer Society, the Digital Enterprise Research
Institute DERI of the University of Innsbruck, the HANIVAL Internet Services
GmbH in Vienna, Profactor Produktionsforschungs GmbH, the competence center
Salzburg New Media Lab (SNML) and the Semantic Web School – Centre for
knowledge transfer (SWS).

For more information please contact:

Ms. Pia Pausch,
SEMANTICS 2006 Press Office, www.semantics2006.net/presse
Mobil: +43 699 105 100 08, E-Mail:  p.pausch at pauschpr.at;
presse at semantics2006.net

Ms. Christine Haas, Österreichische Computer Gesellschaft (OCG) Wollzeile
1-3; 1010 Wien, Tel: + 43 - 1 - 512 02 35 – 51, E-Mail: haas at ocg.at

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