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Joergen Villadsen jv at imm.dtu.dk
Thu Nov 9 18:43:56 CET 2006

                  FIRST CALL FOR PAPERS


The Sixth International and Interdisciplinary Conference on
             Modeling and Using Context

                 August 20-24, 2007
            Roskilde University, Denmark

               Submissions deadlines:
         Full papers:                        March 15, 2007
         Poster and Demonstration abstracts: March 15, 2007


The Sixth International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Modeling and
Using Context (CONTEXT'07) will provide a forum for presenting and
discussing high-quality research and applications on context. The
conference will include paper and poster presentations, system
demonstrations, workshops, and a doctoral consortium. The conference
invites researchers and practitioners to share insights and cutting-edge
results from a wide range of disciplines including:

     Computer Science, especially
          Artificial Intelligence and Ubiquitous Computing

     Cognitive Science           Linguistics

     Organizational Sciences     Philosophy


     Application areas such as Medicine and Law

Context affects a wide range of activities in humans and animals as well
as in artificial agents and other systems. The importance of context is
widely acknowledged, and "context" has become an area of study in its
own right, as evidenced by numerous workshops, symposia, seminars, and
conferences on this area. CONTEXT, the oldest conference series focusing
on context, is unique in its emphasis on interdisciplinary research.
Previous CONTEXT conferences have been held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
(CONTEXT'97), Trento, Italy (CONTEXT'99, LNCS 1688), Dundee, Scotland
(CONTEXT'01, LNCS 2116), Palo Alto, U.S.A. (CONTEXT'03, LNCS 2680), and
Paris, France (CONTEXT'05, LNCS 3554).
Each of these brought together researchers and practitioners from many
disparate fields to discuss and report on context-related research and


The following list illustrates sample research areas whose perspectives on
context are solicited for the conference. This is not an exhaustive list,
and contributions addressing context from other perspectives are welcome.
The conference scope includes the contextual issues related to areas such

  Analogy and Case-Based Reasoning    Intelligent/Semantic Web Systems 
  Autonomous Agents and Agent-based   Knowledge Engineering and Management
      Systems                         Knowledge Representation 
  Cognitive Modeling                  Language Understanding and Production
  Concepts and Categorization         Learning 
  Context-Aware Applications and      Memory, Representation and Access 
      Systems                         Multiagent Systems and Interagent 
  Databases                               Communication
  Distributed Information Systems     Neuroscience 
  Formal Semantics and Pragmatics
  Formal Theories of Context          Ontology Management 
  Heterogeneous Information           Organizational Theory and Design 
      Integration                     Perception 
  Human Decision-Making and Decision  Philosophical Foundations of Context
  Support Systems                     Problem Solving and Planning
  Human-Centered Computing            Reasoning
  Human-Computer Interaction          Relevance Computation and Relevance
  Information Management                  Theories
  Intelligent Tutoring Systems        Situated and Distributed Cognition
  Intelligent User Interfaces         Ubiquitous Computing


CONTEXT'07 will include paper presentation sessions, a poster and
demonstration session, two days of workshops, and a doctoral
consortium. Workshops and the doctoral consortium will circulate separate
calls for papers and participation, which will also be available at the
conference web site.


Because CONTEXT'07 will be an interdisciplinary forum, all submissions will
be evaluated both for their technical merit and for their accessibility to
an interdisciplinary audience. Works that transcend disciplinary boundaries
are especially encouraged.

Submissions may be for full papers, poster abstracts, or demonstration
abstracts. Full papers will be accepted either for oral presentation or for
presentation at a poster session. All accepted full paper submissions will
be published in the proceedings. Accepted posters and demonstrations will be
presented at the poster session, and the associated abstracts will be
published in a brochure distributed to attendees. For additional details
see the conference web site.

For a paper to appear in the proceedings, at least one author must register
for the conference by the deadline for camera-ready copy.


Papers must be submitted electronically as PDF files. Submissions cannot
exceed 14 pages in the Springer LNAI format. Detailed formatting and
submissions instructions, as well as LaTeX and Word templates, will be
available in the author instructions section of the conference Web

All accepted authors will have the option of presenting a system
demonstration at the poster session. Authors wishing to present a
demonstration without an accompanying paper must submit a demonstration
abstract. Demonstration abstracts should describe cutting-edge systems not
described in paper submissions. Demonstration abstracts should summarize
the system's behavior and significance, and should include at least one
screen shot. If desired, they may also include the URL of an informal video
on the web. Demonstration abstracts should be at most 2 pages long.


CONTEXT'07 will not accept any paper which, at the time of submission, is
under review for or has already been published or accepted for publication
in a journal or another conference. This restriction does not apply to
submissions for workshops and other venues with a limited audience.


Deadline for workshop proposal submissions                   January 31,
Deadline for paper submissions                               March 15, 2007
Deadline for poster and demonstration abstract submissions   March 15, 2007
Notification of acceptance/rejection for paper submissions   May 7, 2007
Suggested deadline for workshop paper submission             May 15, 2007
Deadline for final versions of accepted papers               May 31, 2007
Workshop days                                            August 20-21, 2007
Main conference (including poster and demo sessions)     August 22-24, 2007


    Boicho Kokinov, New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria

    Daniel C. Richardson, UCSC, USA
    Thomas R. Roth-Berghofer, DFKI, Germany
    Laure Vieu, IRIT-CNRS, France, and ISTC-CNR, Italy

    Stefan Schulz, The e-Spirit Company GmbH, Dortmund, Germany

    Henning Christiansen, Roskilde University, Denmark (Chair)
    Troels Andreasen, Roskilde University, Denmark
    John Gallagher, Roskilde University, Denmark
    Mads Rosendahl, Roskilde University, Denmark
    Jørgen Villadsen, Technical University of Denmark (Publicity Chair)

    Chiara Ghidini, ITC-irst, Italy (Chair)
    Varol Akman, Bilkent University, Turkey
    Massimo Benerecetti, University of Naples, Italy
    Paolo Bouquet, University of Trento, Italy
    Patrick Brézillon, University of Paris 6, France
    Anind Dey, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
    Fausto Giunchiglia, ITC-irst, Italy
    Boicho Kokinov, New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria
    David Leake, Indiana University, USA
    Luciano Serafini, Trentino Cultural Institute (ITC), Italy
    Rich Thomason, University of Michigan, USA
    Roy Turner, University of Maine, USA
    Roger A. Young, University of Dundee, UK


Please see http://context-07.ruc.dk/ for additional information on the
conference, complete committee information, and contacts for questions.

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