[DL] T98-sat File Naming

Ian Horrocks horrocks at cs.man.ac.uk
Mon Aug 7 10:52:21 CEST 2006

On 4 Aug 2006, at 14:10, T.Herchenroeder at sms.ed.ac.uk wrote:

> Is anybody on the list knowledgeable about the DL'98 test suite  
> (http://dl.kr.org/dl98/comparison/data.html)?

It is a compilation of various existing test sets and (supposedly) hard  
problems, some of which are described in Heinsohn, Kudenko, Nebel and  
Profitlich: An empirical analysis of terminological representation  
systems that appeared in AIJ. A complete description of the test set,  
along with pointers to the relevant literature, can be found in the  
DL98 proceedings at CEUR or at  

> I'm particularly interested in the T98-sat tests. They are distributed  
> over 9 pairs of files,

These tests were adapted from a modal logic test suite developed by  
Peter Balsiger, Alain Heuerding and Stefan Schwendimann and used in a  
similar comparison of "non-classical systems" (TANCS) at the  
Tableaux'98 conference. You can find a JAR paper describing their work  



> k_branch_n.alc
> k_branch_p.alc
> k_d4_n.alc
> k_d4_p.alc
> k_dum_n.alc
> k_dum_p.alc
> k_grz_n.alc
> k_grz_p.alc
> k_lin_n.alc
> k_lin_p.alc
> k_path_n.alc
> k_path_p.alc
> k_ph_n.alc
> k_ph_p.alc
> k_poly_n.alc
> k_poly_p.alc
> k_t4p_n.alc
> k_t4p_p.alc
> It appears that the author of the test has given some thought towards  
> the naming of the files ('k_branch*', 'k_d4*', 'k_dum*',...), which  
> might indicate a common theme for the contained queries.
> I know _n.* and _p.* signify consistency/inconsistency. But can  
> anybody elaborate on the middle parts of the names 'branch', 'd4',  
> 'dum', etc. ?
> Thanks,
> =Thomas
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