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Mon Jul 3 22:30:02 CEST 2006

                   Call for Participation --- FLoC'06

                   The 2006 Federated Logic Conference
                          Seattle, Washington, USA
                       August 10 -- August 22, 2006


Early registration deadline: July 10, 2006.

We are pleased to announce the fourth Federated Logic Conference
(FLoC'06) to be held in Seattle, Washington, in August 2006, at the
Seattle Sheraton (http://www.easychair.org/FLoC-06/floc-hotel.html).

FLoC'06 promises to be the premier scientific meeting in computational
logic in 2006.  The following conferences will participate in FLoC'06:

CAV     Conference on Computer Aided Verification (Aug 17-20)
ICLP    Int'l Conference on Logic Programming (Aug 17-20)
IJCAR   Int'l Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning (Aug 17-20)
LICS    IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science (Aug 12-15)
RTA     Conference on Rewriting Techniques and Applications (Aug 12-14)
SAT     Int'l Conference on Theory and Applications of
         Satisfiability Testing (Aug 12-15)

The six major conferences will be accompanied by 41 workshops, held on
Aug. 10-11, 15-16, and 21-22.

The FLoC'06 program includes a keynote session to commemorate the Goedel
Centenary, with John Dawson and Dana Scott as speakers, a keynote talk
by David Harel, plenary talks by Randy Bryant and David Dill, and
invited talks by F. Bacchus, A. Blass, B. Buchberger, A. Darwiche, M.
Das, J. Esparza, J. Giesl, A. Gordon, T. Hoare, O. Kupferman, M. Lam, D.
Miller, K. Sakallah, J. Stoy, and C. Welty.

Seattle, the Emerald city, sits on the shores of Puget Sound surrounded
by mountains to the east and west.  Lovely views of blue waters and snow
capped peaks seem to appear everywhere - around the next bend in the
road or between the buildings downtown. Seattle is the gateway to the
Pacific Northwest, a premier tourist attraction.
In Seattle, Mt. Rainier enchants visitors; in Vancouver, British
Columbia, the Coast Range juts out over downtown; and in Portland, 5,000
acres of forestland north of the city center harbor deer, elk, and the
odd bear and cougar.

Online registration for FLoC is now open at:


Deadline for early registration is July 10, 2006.

The rates agreed upon between FLoC and the Seattle Sheraton are
very reasonable rates for a first-class hotel in downtown
Seattle during the summer vacation season. To reduce conference
costs and keep registration fees reasonable, FLoC is
contractually obligated to meet a commitment for a certain
number of FloC attendees staying in the conference hotel. FLoC
attendees are strongly encouraged to use the Seattle Sheraton for
conference accommodation.  Deadline for preferred hotel rate is 
July 21, 2006.

FLoC'06 Steering Committee

Moshe Y. Vardi      (General Chair)
Thomas Ball         (Conference Co-Chair)
Jakob Rehof         (Conference Co-Chair)
Edmund Clarke       (CAV)
Reiner Hahnle       (IJCAR)
Manuel Hermenegildo (ICLP)
Phokion Kolaitis    (LICS)
Henry Kautz         (SAT)
Aart Middeldorp     (RTA)
Andrei Voronkov     (IJCAR)

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