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RuleML-06 Workshop:

Ontology and Rule Integration


Call for Papers


Workshop Description and Objectives

The integration of ontologies with rules has become a central research
topic in the Semantic Web and Web Services. In the Semantic Web's
layered structure, it is still open whether there should be only one
homogeneous hierarchy for ontologies and rules, or whether these should
stand side by side in a heterogeneous (hybrid) framework. While such
integrations have been studied mostly for derivation rules, they are
also becoming increasingly important for other kinds of rules, e.g. for
(re)active rules.


Traditionally, rules for system behavior have been embedded in
executable code, providing static functionality that is hard to change.
As the complexity and tempo of the world increase, applications must
move to a new paradigm that supports dynamic modification of system
behavior in complex, changing environments.  Separation of rules from
executable code provides the foundation for dynamic system behavior and
agile response to outside events, and thus, dynamic Service Oriented
Architectures.  Rule abstraction also allows sharing of rules across
disparate domains, enabling interoperability across the enterprise.
However, a given set of rules must refer to a common semantic knowledge
model. This raises issues such as - should rules be combined with
ontologies into a single language?   If a single language is best, then
how should it be structured to express different ontological concepts,
rule types and logics?  If a layered approach is preferable in which
rules and ontologies are separate, then how should these layers
interact?   How will the firing of axioms and rules be orchestrated?


The purpose of the Ontology and Rule Integration Workshop will be to
bring together researchers from academia and industry to exchange the
latest advances in ontology and rule integration.  In particular, we
will explore the interaction between the rule and ontology layers and
share best practices in this space.  We will examine issues such as
orchestration of inferencing across layers, adaptable policy
enforcement using ontologies enhanced with rules, dynamic rule and
ontology distribution, and rule annotation for discovery and reuse with



We invite papers on the latest advances in ontology and rule
integration techniques, issues and best practices.  Proposed topics
include the following.

*	Homogeneous ontology and rule integrations
*	Hybrid ontology and rule integrations
*	Issues with ontology and rule orchestration, integration
*	Comparison of integrated and layered approach to ontology and
rule specification
*	Integrated reasoning platforms for ontology and rule execution
*	Rule annotation with ontologies
*	Impact of reasoning with uncertainty on integrated ontology and
rule sets
*	Identification of patterns, use cases and requirements for
ontology and rule integration
*	Case studies in ontology and rule integration
*	Reasoning with uncertainty over ontologies and rules



We encourage participation from a variety of communities, including
researchers from academia and industry, standards organizations, and
vendors.  Users who seek interoperability solutions may be interested
in how to integrate ontologies and rules.


Submission Requirements

We invite papers up to 10 pages in length in IEEE two-column format
cps&file=cps_forms.xml&xsl=generic.xsl&>  describing original completed
work, work in progress or interesting problems or use cases.  The page
limit includes title, abstract, and all figures, and references.
Submitted papers will be fully refereed based on the originality and
significance of the ideas presented as well as on technical aspects.
Submissions should be made electronically to the conference submission
site <http://www.easychair.org/RuleML06WS/>  according to the schedule
outlined below.


Important Dates

20 June 2006               Deadline for abstracts

27 June 2006               Deadline for papers

1 August 2006            Notification of acceptance

18 August 2006          Final version of paper (camera-ready) due

16 September 2006     Early registration deadline for conference

9-11 November 2006  RuleML 2006

11 November 2006     Ontology and Rule Integration Workshop


Workshop Chairs

Dr. Leo Obrst 

The MITRE Corporation

7515 Colshire Drive
McLean, VA 22102-7508

Office (703) 983.6770

Fax (713) 983.1379

lobrst at mitre.org


Ms. Suzette Stoutenburg

The MITRE Corporation

1155 Academy Park Loop

Colorado Springs, Colorado  80910

Office (719) 572.8323

Fax (719) 572.8477

suzette at mitre.org
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