[DL] DL business meeting proposed agenda

Peter F. Patel-Schneider pfps at research.bell-labs.com
Wed May 24 23:01:53 CEST 2006

So that DL attendees can prepare better, here is a proposed agenda for the
DL business meeting this year:

1/ Make a final decision on the location and organizers for DL2007.

   At DL2005 there was a tentative decision to hold DL2007 in Bolzano.

2/ Make a tentative decision on where to hold DL2008.  

   KR2008, ICAPS2008, and CP2008 will probably be held in Sydney,
   Australia in June or September (along with ICLP2008 and CADE2008).

   Possibilities can be sent to me or you can bring them up at the
   workshop, preferably well before the business meeting.

3/ Elect new members of the steering committee.

   The current situation is:

        Carsten Lutz                      elected 2003-2006
        Peter F. Patel-Schneider          elected 2003-2006
        Diego Calvanese DL2003 organiser, selected 2003-2006

        Bijan Parsia                      elected 2004-2007
        David Toman                       elected 2004-2007
        Volker Haarslev DL2004 organiser, selected 2004-2007

        Ulrike Sattler                    elected 2005-2008
        Frank Wolter    DL2005 organiser, selected 2005-2008

        Bijan Parsia    DL2006 organiser
        David Toman     DL2006 organiser
	Ulrike Sattler	DL2006 local organiser

   The DL2006 local organisers decide on one of their number to
   continue on for a 2006-2009 term.  One new member will be elected
   for a 2006-2009 term.  The meeting attendees can decide to also
   elect another member for a 2006-2009 term.

   Nominations can be sent to me or can be made at the meeting.

4/ Other business.

   If you have any other business you can send a request to me or just
   bring it up at the meeting.

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