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ESSLLI 2006 ESSLLI 2006 ESSLLI 2006 ESSLLI 2006 ESSLLI 2006 ESSLLI 2006 

                        CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                      July 31 - August 11, 2006
                            Malaga, Spain

              (Extended Early registration deadline: May 14, 2006)

ESSLLI 2006 is organized by the Software Engineering Group of the University
of Malaga, under the auspices of FoLLI, the European Association for Logic,
Language and Information.

The main focus of ESSLLI is on the interface between linguistics, logic and
computation. The school has developed into an important meeting place and
forum for discussion for students, researchers and IT professionals
interested in the interdisciplinary study of Logic, Language and

The 18th edition of ESSLLI is offering 48 courses, organized into three
interdisciplinary areas (Language & Computation, Language & Logic, and Logic
& Computation), at a variety of levels (foundational, introductory,
advanced), as well as seven workshops.

All the information may be found at:


Foundational courses aim to provide truly introductory courses into a field.
The courses presuppose absolutely no background knowledge. In particular,
they should be accessible to people from other disciplines. Introductory
courses are intended to equip students and young researchers with a good
understanding of a field's basic methods and techniques, and to allow
experienced researchers from other fields to acquire the key competences of
neighboring disciplines, thus encouraging the development of a truly
interdisciplinary research community. Advanced courses are intended to
enable participants to acquire more specialized knowledge about topics they
are already familiar with. Workshops are intended to encourage collaboration

and the cross-fertilization of ideas by stimulating in-depth discussion of
issues which are at the forefront of current research in the field. In these
workshops, students and researchers can give presentations of their

In addition to courses and workshops a student session is being also
organized, with the aim of providing Masters and PhD students with an
opportunity to present their own work to a professional audience, thereby
getting informed feedback on their own results. Unlike workshops, the
student session is not tied to any specific theme.

If you are interested in presenting a paper to any of the ESSLLI workshops,
you can access to their call for papers through the following link

The early (extended) registration deadline is May 14, 2006.

Ernesto Pimentel
Local Organizing Committee Chair
University of Malaga
esslli2006 at lcc.uma.es

ESSLLI 2006 ESSLLI 2006 ESSLLI 2006 ESSLLI 2006 ESSLLI 2006 ESSLLI 2006 
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