[DL] CFP: 2nd International Congress on Tools for Teaching Logic

Carlos Areces Carlos.Areces at loria.fr
Thu Apr 13 14:45:05 CEST 2006

                         SECOND CALL FOR PAPERS
      Second International Congress on Tools for Teaching Logic
                        26-30 September 2006, Salamanca (Spain)

Submission of Papers: May 15, 2006
Notification of Acceptance: June 15, 2006
Final Camera-Ready Submission Due: July 3, 2006
Web: http://logicae.usal.es/SICTTL


Most of us share the feeling that the teaching of an
interdisciplinary field spanning logic, linguistics and computer
science should be available in such a way that will facilitate
further interdisciplinary research. Nevertheless, we are aware
that the needs are different in those fields of study which have
already been stablished. The overall concern is in the teaching
of logic, but with special regard in addressing innovations and
the systematization of educational activity. We believe that the
role of logic in the shaping of the epistemology of this XXI
creature should be crucial; Information technology is rapidly
changing the world we live in, and logic is helping us to
produce, distribute and process information, as well as to
understand how coded information can modify people's state of
knowlege. At the University of Salamanca the First International
Congress on Tools for Teaching Logic took place in June 2000. A
number of logicians from different countries in Europe, the US
and South America gathered there to focus on education on the
interfaces between philosophy, linguistics, mathematics,
computer science and related disciplines.

The organizing committee invites you to take part in the Second
International Congress on Tools for Teaching Logic, which will
be held in Salamanca on September 26-30, 2006. There will be
lectures, discussion sessions, round tables and software
demonstrations. You are kindly invited to take active part in
these sessions and to exhibit your teaching or professional
software. We invite submission of papers on all aspects of
teaching logics, including the following main topics:

1. Issues, Means and Objectives in Teaching Logic.
2. Teaching the Role of Logic in Science and Humanities.
3. Teaching Logic Research in a Postgraduate Programme.
4. Software for Teaching Logic and Reasoning.
5. e-Learning Logic: Resources and Challenges.


We have already arrange the following plenary sessions:

Johan van Benthem: What Should Every Student Know About Logic?
Rethinking the Core Curriculum. University of Amsterdam. Holland

Wilfrid Hodges. Mathematical Writing. Quen Mary College. U.K.

Patrick Blackburn. Representation and Inference for Natural
Language. INRIA Lorraine. France.

Hans van Ditmarsh. 10 Years of "logic software and logic
education". University of Otago. New Zealand

Dick de Jongh, Carlos Martín Vide, Felip Manya, Raymundo Morado,
Angel Nepomuceno, Huberto Marraud, Diógenes Rosales, Concepción
Martínez, Enrique Caorsi, Francisco Salguero, Carlos Oller,
Tulio Olmos, Antonia Huertas, Enrique Alonso, Carmen Cadena and
others are also planing to give talks.


Carlos Areces
    (Loria, Nancy, France)
Carlos Enrique Caorsi
    (Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Educación, Uruguay)
Hans van Ditmarsch
    (University of Otago, New Zeeland)
Lucila González Pazos
    (Departamento de Lógica. Universidad Complutense
    de Madrid, Spain)
Antonia Huertas
    (OUC, Barcelona, Spain)
Concepción Martínez,
    (Departamento de Lóxica e Filosofia Moral, Universidad de
    Santiago de Compostela.)
Huberto Marraud
    (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain)
Angel Nepomuceno
    (ULLI, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain)
Francisco José Salguero
    (Universidad de Sevilla, Spain)
Carlos Oller
    (Universidad de la Plata, Argentina)
Tulio Olmos
    (Universidad Central de Venezuela, Venezuela)
Gladys Palau
    (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Ruy de Queiroz
    (Universidade Pernambuco, Brazil)
Diógenes Rosales
    (Universidad Pontificia, Lima)


Enrique Alonso
    (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain)
    (enr.alonso at gmail.com)
Dick de Jongh,
    (ILLC, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Holland)
    (dickdj at science.uva.nl)
María Manzano,
    (Universidad de Salamanca)
    (mara at usal.es)
Felip Manya
    (IIIA, CSIC, Bellaterra, Spain)
    (felip at eps.udl.es)
Raymundo Morado,
    (IIF. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México)
    (morado at minerva.filosoficas.unam.mx)


María Manzano (mara at usal.es)
Belén Pérez Lancho (lancho at usal.es)
Gustavo Santos García (santos at usal.es)
Ana Gil (abg at usal.es)

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