[DL] PhD vacancy Ghent University

Chris Cornelis Chris.Cornelis at UGent.be
Wed Apr 12 12:12:21 CEST 2006

The Computational Web Intelligence Team at Ghent University (Belgium) is

                     a full time researcher (PhD student)

to work on the multidisciplinary AutoWeb project

               "Towards a Semantic Web of Autodidactic Agents"

to be conducted in Ghent (Belgium) and starting October 1, 2006.

The Autoweb project is jointly hosted by the Computational Web Intelligence
Team at Ghent University and the Laboratory for Automatic Information
Retrieval at Hogeschool Gent, School of Translation Studies. The goal of the
project is to endow web agents with the reasoning capability that allows
them to maintain their ontology: the web agents will continuously question
the knowledge contained in the ontology and compare this knowledge with
answers retrieved from the semantic web. There is a special focus on the
agents' skills to deduce implicit knowledge, give explanations, and trust or
distrust various sources.

Applicants should:

- hold an M.Sc. degree in an area strongly related to Computer Science or
Computational Linguistics (students in their final year can also apply)
- have a strong aptitude for research
- be fluent in English

Knowledge of Semantic Web technologies serves as an advantage.

We offer:

- a young, dynamic and stimulating work environment
- an appointment as a doctoral grantee, i.e. a full-time PhD position for 2
years, renewable up to 4 years
- the opportunity to present results at important international conferences
- starting date: October 1, 2006

Applicants should submit the following documents to Prof. Dr. Martine De
Cock (via e-mail Martine.DeCock at UGent.be) by June 30, 2006:

- their CV
- a brief statement why they want to do research in the area of the semantic
web (max. 1 page)

Dr. Chris Cornelis       e-mail : Chris.Cornelis at UGent.be
Postdoctoral fellow of the Research Foundation - Flanders
Computational Web Intelligence
Fuzziness and Uncertainty Modelling Research Unit
Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Ghent University
Krijgslaan 281 (S9)             tel. : +32 (0)9/264.47.72
B-9000 Ghent  (Belgium)         fax. : +32 (0)9/264.49.95

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