[DL] CfP: Relations and Kleene Algebra in Computer Science 2006

Renate Schmidt schmidt at cs.man.ac.uk
Fri Jan 20 18:12:57 CET 2006

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%	             Second Call for Papers                     %
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	      Joint 9th International Conference on 


		and 4th International Workshop on 

		       (RelMiCS/AKA 2006)

		  29 August - 2 September 2006
			 Manchester, UK



  The RelMiCS Conference is the main forum for the relational
  calculus as a conceptual and methodological tool.  The AKA
  Workshop is a forum on topics related to Kleene algebras. As in
  previous years, the two events are co-organised; they have a
  joint programme committee and joint proceedings.  RelMiCS/AKA
  2006 will be held from 30 August to 2 September 2006 in
  Manchester. Visit the conference website
  www.cs.man.ac.uk/relmics06/ for more information.


  We invite submissions on the general topics of relations and
  Kleene algebra in computer science.  Special focus will be on
  formal methods for software engineering, logics of programs and
  links with neighbouring disciplines.  Particular topics of the
  conference cover, but are not limited to the theory of 

  * relation algebras and Kleene algebras 
  * related formalisms such as process algebras, fixed point
    calculi, idempotent semirings, quantales, allegories, dynamic
    algebras, cylindric algebras

  and their applications in areas such as 

  * verification, analysis and development of programs and algorithms
  * algebraic approaches to logics of programs, modal and dynamic
    logics, interval and temporal logics
  * relational formal methods such as B or Z, tabular methods,
  * algebraic semantics of programming languages
  * graph theory and combinatorial optimisation
  * games, automata and language theory
  * mechanised and automated reasoning, decision procedures
  * spatio-temporal reasoning, knowledge acquisition, preference
    and scaling methods 
  * information systems


  * Ernie Cohen, Microsoft, USA
  * Roger D. Maddux, Iowa State University, USA
  * Jeff Sanders, Oxford University, UK


  A paper title and a short abstract of about 100 words must be
  submitted before the paper. All submissions will be electronic
  from the conference website.

  Abstract Submission:  27 February 2006
  Paper Submission:     6 March 2006
  Author Notification:  2 May 2006
  Camera-ready papers:  2 June 2006
  PhD Programme:        29 August 2006
  RelMiCS/AKA 2006:     30 August - 2 September 2006


  Submissions must be in English, in postscript or pdf format and
  provide sufficient information to judge their merits.  They must
  be unpublished and not submitted for publication elsewhere.  They
  may not exceed 15 pages in Springer LNCS style and must be
  produced with LaTeX. Additional material may be provided by a
  clearly marked appendix or a reference to a manuscript on a
  website.  This may be considered at the discretion of the PC.
  Deviation from these requirements may cause immediate rejection.
  One author of each accepted paper is expected to present the
  paper at the conference. 

  Detailed instructions for electronic submission can be found at
  the conference website. Formatting instructions and the LNCS
  style files can be obtained via


  The proceedings of the conference will be published in the
  Springer LNCS series.  They will be available at the conference.


  A PhD training programme will be co-organised with the
  conference. Details will be published in a special call and on
  the conference website.


  General Chair:
    Renate Schmidt, Manchester, UK, schmidt at cs.man.ac.uk

  Programme Chair:
    Georg Struth, Sheffield, UK, g.struth at dcs.shef.ac.uk

  Programme Committee:
    Roland Backhouse, Nottingham, UK
    Brandon Bennett, Leeds, UK
    Rudolf Berghammer, Kiel, Germany
    Stephane Demri, Cachan, France
    Jules Desharnais, Laval, Canada
    Zoltan Esik, Szeged, Hungary & Tarragona, Spain
    Marcello Frias, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Hitoshi Furusawa, AIST, Japan
    Stephane Gaubert, INRIA, France
    Steven Givant, Mills College, USA
    Valentin Goranko, Witwatersrand, South Africa
    Martin Henson, Essex, UK
    Ali Jaoua, Quatar
    Peter Jipsen, Chapman University, USA
    Wolfram Kahl, McMaster, Canada
    Yasuo Kawahara, Kyushu, Japan
    Zhiming Liu, UNU-IIST Macao, China
    Bernhard Moeller, Augsburg, Germany
    Damian Niwinski, Warsaw, Poland
    Ewa Orlowska, Warsaw, Poland
    Alban Ponse, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Ingrid Rewitzky, Stellenbosch, South Africa
    Ildiko Sain, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
    Holger Schlingloff, Berlin, Germany
    Gunther Schmidt, Muenchen, Germany
    Renate Schmidt, Manchester, UK
    Giuseppe Scollo, Catania, Italy
    Harrie de Swart, Tilburg, The Netherlands
    Michael Winter, St.Catharines, Canada

  Local Organisation: 
    Renate Schmidt, Manchester, UK, schmidt at cs.man.ac.uk
    Zhen Li, Manchester, UK
    David Robinson, Manchester, UK
    Iain Hart & ACSO, Manchester, UK

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