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                               ECAI 2006

            17th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence

                          RIVA DEL GARDA, Italy

                     August 28th - September 1st 2006


Please remind the following important dates                       

1) Deadline for ECAI and PAIS paper submission: 
    8 Feb 2006 (summaries)
   10 Feb 2006 (full paper)

2) Deadline for poster submission: 
   10 March 2006

3) Deadline for STarting AI Researcher Symposium (STAIRS) paper submission: 
   15 April 2006

4) Deadline for System Demonstration proposal: 
   20 April 2006

For more information, please visit the conference website:



The ECAI 2006 Programme Committee invites submission of papers and posters for
the Technical Programme of the 17th biennial European Conference on Artificial

Important dates (preliminary, check for updates at
8 Feb 2006	Deadline for paper summaries
10 Feb 2006	Deadline for paper submission
10 March 2006	Deadline for poster submission
10 April 2006	Notification of acceptance for papers and posters
10 May 2006	Camera-ready copies of papers
28 Aug 2006	Technical programme at ECAI 2006

Submissions are invited on substantial, original and previously unpublished
research in all fields of Artificial Intelligence, including, but not limited

    * Abduction
    * Adaptive Systems
    * Agents
    * AI Architectures
    * AI and Creativity Applications
    * Artificial Life
    * Automated Reasoning
    * Bayesian Learning
    * Belief Revision
    * Case-Based Reasoning
    * Causality
    * Cognitive Modelling
    * Cognitive Robotics
    * Common-Sense Reasoning
    * Computer-Aided Learning
    * Constraint Programming
    * Constraint Satisfaction
    * Data Mining
    * Decision Making
    * Description Logics
    * Design and Configuration
    * Diagnosis
    * Discourse Modelling
    * Distributed AI
    * Evolutionary Computing
    * Game Playing
    * Geometric Reasoning
    * Information Extraction
    * Human Computer Interaction
    * Information Agents
    * Intelligent User Interfaces
    * Intelligent Databases
    * Knowledge Engineering
    * Knowledge Discovery
    * Knowledge Representation
    * Logic Programming
    * Machine Learning
    * Machine Translation
    * Market-Oriented Programming
    * Model-Based Reasoning
    * Multi-Agent Systems
    * Natural Language Processing Negotiation
    * Neural Networks
    * Nonmonotonic Reasoning
    * Ontologies
    * Perception
    * Philosophical Foundations
    * Planning
    * Preferences
    * Probabilistic Reasoning
    * Qualitative Reasoning
    * Real-Time Systems
    * Reasoning about Action and Change
    * Reinforcement Learning
    * Resource-Bounded Reasoning
    * Robotics
    * Satisfiability
    * Scheduling
    * Search
    * Semantic Web
    * Spatial Reasoning
    * Speech Processing
    * Temporal Reasoning
    * Text Mining
    * Theorem Proving
    * Uncertainty
    * User Modelling
    * Verification and Validation
    * Vision
    * Web Intelligence

Formatting guidelines

Papers should be submitted using the final camera-ready formatting style, except
for author names which should be omitted and replaced by the tracking number for
anonymous reviewing. Submissions must not exceed five pages in camera-ready
format. Overlength submissions will be rejected without review. Guidelines on
the format of submissions are available on the ECAI 2006 Style Guide page ().
Latex style files to support formatting of submissions are also available. Final
versions of accepted papers will be required to conform strictly to the
formatting requirements specified in the ECAI 2006 Style Guide. Each accepted
paper will be allocated five pages in the proceedings.

ECAI 2006 also accepts posters. Each poster will have two pages allocated in the
proceedings. Posters must follow the same formatting guidelines as full papers,
but paper length is limited to two pages. The front page must indicate 'POSTER'
as the type of submission. Submitted full papers can be accepted as posters if
the PC decides so. It will be possible for the author(s) to indicate whether
they want their submission considered as poster in case of non-acceptance as
full paper.

Submission procedure

Submission is a two-stage process. Authors are asked to submit title and
abstract of their paper by 10 February 2006, using the web-based submission form
which will be accessible from the ECAI 2006 home page. After entering/revising a
summary, the corresponding author will receive an email containing the current
summary status, tracking number, authorization code and an active link to the
upload site. The tracking number should replace the author information on the
full paper submission. Full papers must be uploaded before 12 February 2006
(23:59 CET). Papers received after this date will not be reviewed. Notification
of receipt of full papers will be mailed to the corresponding author soon after
receipt. Only PDF files will be accepted. A free service to convert a number of
widely used file formats to PDF is available at http://createpdf.adobe.com/ (the
first three uses of this service are for free).

Multiple Submission Policy

ECAI 2006 will not accept submissions under review or accepted for publication
in a journal or another conference. Authors are not allowed to submit their
papers elsewhere during the review period. These restrictions only apply to
journals and conferences and not to workshops or similar specialised meetings
with limited audience. ECAI 2006 also grants permission to submit papers during
the reviewing period to national AI conferences organized by ECCAI member

The title page should include the statement "This paper is not under review or
accepted for publication in another conference or journal".


All submissions will be subject to academic peer review by the ECAI 2006
Programme Committee. Reviewing for ECAI 2006 will anonymous. To allow for
anonymous reviewing replace the authors line in your submission by the unique
tracking number assigned after the submission of the summary form. Please avoid
identifying self-references. Replace phrases like "We have shown in [n]" by "In
[n] it has been shown ...".Review criteria include originality of ideas,
technical soundness, significance of results, and quality of presentation.
Notification of acceptance or rejection of submitted papers will be mailed to
the corresponding author by 10 April 2006.

Conference Proceedings

The conference proceedings will be published and distributed by IOS Press on
paper and as a CD-ROM. The authors will be responsible for producing
camera-ready copies of papers, conforming to the ECAI 2006 formatting
guidelines, for inclusion in the proceedings. The deadline for receipt of the
camera-ready copy is 10 June 2006. Note that at least one author of each
accepted paper/poster is required to attend the conference to present the paper.


The best paper of the conference, as selected by the ECAI 2006 Programme
Committee, will receive a prize sponsored by Elsevier Science. The authors will
also be invited to publish a longer version of the paper in the Artificial
Intelligence Journal. The authors of the 10 next best papers will all be invited
to submit a long version of their paper to a special fast-review track of the
Artificial Intelligence journal.

Please note that the information is preliminary (check for updates at

Chairperson Address

Gerhard Brewka
Intelligent Systems Department
Computer Science Institute
University of Leipzig
Augustusplatz 10-11
04109 Leipzig , Germany
Tel: ++49 341 9 73 22 35
Fax: ++49 341 9 73 22 99
brewka at informatik.uni-leipzig.de

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