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Dear Colleague:

We are writing to inform you about the progress of the open-access,
online journal "Logical Methods in Computer Science," which has recently
benefited from a freshly designed web site, see:


In the first year of its existence, the journal received 75 submissions:
21 were accepted and 22 declined (the rest are still in the editorial
process). The first issue is complete, and we anticipate
that will be three in all by the end of the calendar year. Our eventual
aim is to publish four issues per year. We also publish Special Issues:
to date, three are in progress, devoted to selected papers from LICS
2004, CAV 2005 and LICS 2005.

The average turn-around from submission to publication has been
7 months. This comprises a thorough refereeing and revision process:
every submission is refereed in the  normal way by two or more
referees, who apply high standards of quality.

We would encourage you to submit your best papers to Logical Methods in
Computer Science, and to encourage your colleagues to do so too.
There is a flier and a leaflet containing basic information about the
new journal on the homepage; we would appreciate your posting
and distributing them, or otherwise publicising the journal. We would
also appreciate any suggestions you may have on how we may improve the

Yours Sincerely,

Dana S. Scott (editor-in-chief)
Gordon D. Plotkin and Moshe Y. Vardi (managing editors)
Jiri Adamek (executive editor)

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