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Rules are widely recognized to be a major part of the frontier of the
Semantic Web, and critical to the early adoption and application of
knowledge-based techniques in e-business, particularly enterprise
integration and B2B e-commerce.  This includes knowledge representation
(KR) theory and algorithms; markup languages based on such KR; engines,
translators, and other tools; relationships to standardization efforts;
and, not least, applications.  Interest and activity in the area of
Rules for the Semantic Web has grown rapidly over the last five years.


RuleML-2005 is aimed to be this year's premiere scientific conference
on the topic.  It continues in topic, leadership, and collaboration
with the previous series of three highly successful international
workshops.  RuleML-2005 is co-located with the International Semantic
Web Conference (http://iswc2005.semanticweb.org/
<http://iswc2005.semanticweb.org/> )  and will meet 10-12 November 2005
in Galway.  We are pleased to announce that Tim Berners-Lee will be the
Keynote Speaker. 


This year's focus is on the application of reactive and proactive
rules, complex event processing, and event-driven rules for the
Semantic Web.  The conference will also include an OWL Workshop, hosted
by Peter Patel-Schneider.  


Register now to secure your participation in this most critical
exchange of ideas! 




See you in November ! 



RuleML 2005 Program Co-Chairs

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