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			     - KI 2005 -
	  28th German Conference on Artificial Intelligence

		       September 11 - 14, 2005

			   Koblenz, Germany


Quick Links
Homepage:      http://ki2005.uni-koblenz.de
Program:       http://ki2005.uni-koblenz.de/program.html
Workshops:     http://ki2005.uni-koblenz.de/workshops/index.html
Tutorials:     http://ki2005.uni-koblenz.de/tutorials/index.html
Invited Talks: http://ki2005.uni-koblenz.de/invited_talks.html
Registration:  http://ki2005.uni-koblenz.de/register.html

Early Bird Registration until July 31, 2005

About the Conference
KI 2005 cordially invites AI  researchers and practitioners to meet in
the   beautiful town of   Koblenz at the  meeting  point  of Rhine and
Mosella in September this  year.  An attractive technical  program has
been  put together, which  covers   a particularly broad spectrum   of
subfields in AI theory and practice.  It  comprises high quality paper
presentations, a variety of specialised workshops and tutorials and is
highlighted by a number of invited talks.

KI 2005 will be held together with MATES 2005.  The conference is part
of  the International Conference Summer Koblenz,  which  also features
SEFM 2005, TABLEAUX 2005 and FTP 2005.


Technical Program
The technical program comprises 30 presentations from various fields
of AI research. A list of accepted papers can be found at

Invited Talks
* Sebastian Thrun (Stanford University)
  '175 Miles through the Desert'

* Luc Steels (Free University of Brussels)
  'Emergent Semantics in Multi-Agent Systems'

* Ian Horrocks (University of Manchester)
  'Description Logics in Ontology Applications'


- Connectionist Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
- Techniques in Evolutionary Robotics and Neurodynamics


- Context-Aware Systems and Situation-Sensitive Applications
- PuK 2005: 19. Workshop Planen, Scheduling und Konfigurieren
- Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence
- FOnt 2005 - Foundational Aspects of Ontologies
- Knowledge Engineering und Software Engineering
- Text-Based Information Retrieval (TIR-05)
- Mixed-Reality as a Challenge for Image Understanding and Artificial
- Intelligent Learning and Teaching Systems - between Knowledge
  Engineering and Software Engineering for Education 
- From Sensory to Social Presence - Techniques and Architectures
  for Intelligent Interfaces 
- Jahrestreffen der GI-Fachgruppe Deduktionssysteme (DedSys)
- Kooperierende Teams mobiler Roboter in dynamischen Umgebungen


Conference Venue
Koblenz, the 2005  conference venue,  is  situated in  the picturesque
landscape of the Rhine and Moselle right in the middle of Europe.  The
city in the western part of Germany with a true Roman history was over
the centuries captured by the Franks, chosen  as a residence by German
prince electors,   conquered  by the    French and  fortified  by  the
Prussians.  A truly  European  place. Koblenz is  a meeting  point for
visitors from all  over the world and an  excellent starting point for
trips into   the fascinating  landscape    along the  Rhine   and  the
Moselle. From here it's only a short way  to Belgium, The Netherlands,
Luxembourg and France.

Its abundance of cultural  monuments and historic buildings,  its cosy
lanes and narrow  alleyways, the relaxed and  happy atmosphere of  its
squares and  river promenades make Koblenz  a friendly  town where its
guests feel right at home.

Hope to see you all in Koblenz,

  Ulrich Furbach
  KI 2005 Program Chair

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