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                      2ND  CALL FOR PAPERS                           
    5th International Workshop on First-Order Theorem Proving     
                 FTP'2005, September 14-17, 2005                  
                        Koblenz, Germany  


Invited speaker: Hans-Juergen Ohlbach (Munich)

Important Dates:
      Paper submissions             May 27, 2005
      Notification of acceptance    July 29, 2005
      Camera ready papers           August 12, 2005
      FTP'2005 workshop             September 14-17, 2005

   The series of FTP workshops is intended to focus on First-Order
   Theorem Proving as a core theme of Automated Deduction, and to 
   provide a forum for presentation of recent work and discussion 
   of research in progress.
   The workshop welcomes original contributions on:
   * theorem proving in first-order classical, many-valued, and modal
     logics, including:
     - resolution,
     - tableau methods,
     - equational reasoning,
     - term rewriting,
     - model construction,
     - constraint reasoning,
     - unification,
     - description logics,
     - propositional logic,
     - specialized decision procedures,
   * strategies and complexity of theorem proving procedures,
   * applications of first-order theorem provers, for example to:
     - verification,
     - artificial intelligence,
     - mathematics,
     - education.
   The previous international workshops on First-Order Theorem Proving
   were held at Schloss Hagenberg (Austria, 1997), Vienna (Austria,
   1998), St Andrews (Scotland, 2000), Valencia (Spain, 2003).  
   In 2001 and 2004, FTP was part of the IJCAR Conferences, held in 
   Siena (Italy) and Cork (Ireland), respectively.

Paper Submissions:
   Authors are invited to submit papers in the following categories:
   A) Research papers of up to 12 pages, describing original
   B) System descriptions of 3-5 pages, describing new systems or
      significant upgrades of existing ones, especially including
      experiments; systems will have to be freely available online.
   C) Position papers of 2 pages, describing the authors' research
      interests in the field, work in progress, or future directions 
      of research.
   Authors are encouraged to use LaTeX and the layout described on 
   the page:    

   Papers must be written in English and should be send as Postscript 
   or PDF files.  Papers can be submitted by uploading them to the 
   workshop page:
   In order to upload a paper, you first have to register with the 
   submission system.  Papers must be received by 

			      May 27, 2005.

   It is possible (and encouraged) to register and upload title and 
   abstract of the paper before that date without an immediate
   upload of the full paper. 

   All papers will be refereed by the program committee, and will be
   evaluated on their significance, technical merit, and relevance to
   the workshop.

   Accepted submissions (except position papers) will be published as 
   a technical report of Koblenz University and will be available
   electronically before the workshop.
   As for the previous editions of FTP, a special issue of a journal
   is planned after the workshop.  The submission will be open to
   papers on First-Order Theorem Proving.

Program Committee:
  A. Armando (Genova)  
  B. Beckert (Koblenz)  
  C. Fermueller (Vienna)  
  B. Gramlich (Vienna)  
  R. Letz (Munich, chair)  
  B. Loechner (Kaiserslautern)  
  C. Lynch (Clarkson)  
  P. Narendran (Albany)  
  N. Peltier (Grenoble)  
  M. Rusinowitch (Nancy) 
  R. Schmidt (Manchester)  
  M. Velev (CMU)  
  L. Vigano (Zurich) 

Local Organization:
  G. Beuster, V. Klebanov (Koblenz)

Steering Committee:
  A. Armando (Genova) 
  P. Baumgartner (Koblenz, president)
  D. Crocker (Escher Tech.)
  I. Dahn (Koblenz)
  B. Gramlich (Vienna)
  R. Haehnle (Goeteborg)
  P. Narendran (Albany) 
  N. Peltier (Grenoble)
  S. Schulz (Verona)
  C. Tinelli (Iowa)
  L. Vigano (Zurich)
  L. Vigneron (Nancy)

Conference Venue:
   The workshop will be held in Koblenz, Germany, jointly with
   the International conference TABLEAUX 2005, with opportunities
   for joint registration.
   Other invited lectures at the joint meeting will be given by:
     - Ian Horrocks (Manchester)
     - Diego Calvanese (Bolzano)
     - Eric Rosenthal (New Haven)

Further information:
   For contacting the PC chair: ftp2005 @ uni-koblenz.de

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