[DL] W3C Workshop on Frameworks for Semantics in Web Services (Call for Participation)

David Martin martin at AI.SRI.COM
Mon Apr 11 09:49:30 CEST 2005


  W3C is holding a workshop on Frameworks for Semantics in Web
  Services. This workshop is being held to discuss the establishment of
  a generic extensible framework based on Semantic Web technologies, to
  support longer-term objectives, while continuing to develop immediate
  solutions for the most pressing Web Services requirements.  The
  workshop results will be used in setting directions at W3C with
  respect to this vital technology area. Input is sought from
  researchers, developers, technology managers, tool builders, users,
  and other interested parties.

    When:  9-10 June 2005
    Where: Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI),
           Innsbruck, Austria

  Other details about the workshop are available at:


  The event is being organized by the W3C Architecture Domain. The
  workshop will be chaired by Steve Battle, <steve.battle at hp.com> and
  David Martin, <martin at AI.SRI.COM>. Carine Bournez <carine at w3.org> is
  the W3C Contact for this workshop.

  Important Information

  Other important dates and deadlines for this workshop are:

     April 22, 2005: Position papers due
     May 20, 2005: Final agenda available
     May 27, 2005: Registration closes

  Please note that:

    - There will be a limit of 80 participants.
    - Attendance is open to everyone, including non-W3C members,
      but each organization or individual wishing to participate
      must submit a position paper.
    - To ensure maximum diversity among participants, the authors
      of each accepted paper will be allowed to send two participants
      to the workshop.
    - There is no registration fee.


  There are a great many relationships to existing Semantic Web
  efforts as well as to existing Web Services development, including:

     Semantic Web background technologies; e.g. RDF, OWL
     Web Services background technologies; e.g. SOAP, WSDL
     Registries, taxonomies, and search mechanisms; e.g. UDDI
     Rule languages; e.g. SWRL
     Ontologies for Web Services; e.g. OWL-S, WSMO
     Web Services Choreography; e.g. WS-CDL
     Business process; e.g. BPEL4WS

  Discussion of the relationship of these areas to the workshop topic is

  We are looking forward to your participation and contributions to this

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