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Clark, Peter E peter.e.clark at pss.Boeing.com
Thu Apr 7 23:21:43 CEST 2005

The Mathematics and Computing Technology unit in Phantom Works, the
R&D organization in the Boeing Company, invites applications for the
of Advanced Computing Technologist, to work in the Information
Group. M&CT technologists perform applied research and development in
Mathematics and Computing Technologies to improve Boeing's aerospace
The Information Management group is carrying out leading edgeresearch
development in the areas of:
 * Knowledge Representation,
 * Knowledge Acquisition,
 * Knowledge Integration,
 * Natural Language Understanding, and
 * Commonsense Reasoning.

In particular, we are actively developing technologies for:
  * Capturing knowledge using a simplified subset of English
  * Integrating new knowledge appropriately with an existing knowledge
  * Performing machine reasoning and question-answering using formal
  * Encoding and using commonsense knowledge
  * Using knowledge to guide language understanding
  * Appropriately interacting with the user

We are looking for a proactive, highly capable individual to join our
team and
contribute to research and development in these exciting areas. The
should have a strong interest and ability in both long-term research and
Lisp-based implementation.

Job Skills:
 * Prefer a PhD and 10 yrs of experience, but require at least a MSc and
5 yrs
   experience, or a PhD in computer science or related field, or
   with skills team approval.
 * Strong experience in Artificial Intelligence, in particular:
	- logic-based approaches to knowledge representation
	- machine reasoning
	- Preferably some exposure to natural language processing and
 * Strong and proven ability in Lisp programming. Experience in other
	is also advantageous.
 * Demonstrated ability to perform innovative research and create novel
	solutions to difficult technical challenges.
 * Proven record of publications.
 * Enjoys applying research results to real-world problems.
 * Good interpersonal, teamwork, writing, and communication skills
 * Proactive and self-motivated

About the Group:
Boeing's Mathematics and Computing Technology Organization is conducting
leading-edge research in many areas of Artificial Intelligence,
including knowledge-based systems, language processing, data mining,
agent technologies, ontological engineering, and neural networks, and is
an exciting group to be a part of. We are situated in Seattle,
Washington State, in one of the most beautiful parts of the USA, with
beautiful mountains, ocean, and islands all nearby. The city and
surrounding areas provide many cultural and recreational opportunities.

Applications: via Boeing Web site at:
	Requisition number: 05-1004825

If you have any questions please contact Phil Mathews at:
      Phil Mathews (phil.mathews at boeing.com)
      The Boeing Company
Thank you for your time and interest in The Boeing Company.

Because of conflict of interest rules, Boeing has tried to exclude
persons identified to it as government employees from distribution of
this mailing. If you are in government or military service, please
regard this package as widely distributed information only and not a
solicitation. Government or military service members need to ensure they
comply with any laws and regulations related to seeking employment
outside of government before contacting Boeing.

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