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     Fourth International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2005)
                     November 6 –10, 2005
                       Galway, Ireland

Building on the current web architecture, Semantic Web technologies
provide a wide range of tools and techniques to support automated
reasoning over distributed representations of web content.  The Semantic
Web will enable a new generation of applications for education,
business, science, consumer services, and general collaboration and
research tools.  The Semantic Web presents an unprecedented challenge of
scale and heterogeneity to existing research in expressive
representation and query languages, reasoning engines,  data
representation and integration, interoperability middleware, and
distributed computing.   To foster the exchange of ideas and
collaboration,  the International Semantic Web Conference brings
together researchers in relevant disciplines such as Artificial
Intelligence, Databases,  Distributed Computing, and Information

The 4thInternational Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2005) follows on the
success of previous conferences and workshops in Hiroshima, Japan
(2004), Sanibel Island, USA (2003), Sardinia, Italy (2002), and
Stanford, USA (2001).

The organizing committee is soliciting paper submissions for the
research papers track and the industrial papers track.


The research track of ISWC2005 solicits the submission of original,
principled research papers dealing with both analytical and practical
aspects of semantic web research. Topics include but are not limited to:

  - Languages, tools and methodologies for representing and managing
        Semantic Web data
  - Robust and scalable knowledge management and reasoning on the web
  - Ontology creation, extraction, and evolution
  - Ontology mapping, merging and alignment
  - Database technologies for the Semantic Web
  - Semantic Web middleware
  - Applications of Semantic Web technologies
  - Machine learning and human language technologies for the
       Semantic Web
  - Semantic Web services
  - Agents on the Web
  - Representing and reasoning about trust, privacy, and security
  - Semantic web technology for collaboration and cooperation
  - Social software
  - Semantic multimedia
  - Semantics in peer to peer systems and grids
  - Semantic Web for e-Business, e-Science, e-Government, and e-Learning
  - User-centered applications of the semantic web
  - Searching, querying, visualizing and interpreting the Semantic Web
  - Evaluation of semantic web techniques

Research papers must be submitted electronically via the ISWC2005 Web
page at http://iswc2005.semanticweb.org. Papers must be submitted in
either PostScript or PDF (Adobe's Portable Document Format) format.
Papers will not be accepted in any other format.

Research track paper submissions must be formatted in the style of the
Springer Publications format for Lecture Notes in Computer Science
(LNCS). Papers must be no longer than 15 pages in Springer LNCS format.
Papers that exceed this limit will be automatically rejected without

ISWC2005 will not accept research papers that, at the time of
submission, are under review for or have already been published or
accepted for publication in a journal or another conference. Authors of
accepted papers will be required to annotate semantically the abstract
of their submission for the Semantic Web (help will be provided for this
task). Details will be provided on the conference Web page at the time
of acceptance


The Semantic Web is enjoying a growing interest from industry and from
the public at large. Semantic Web technology is moving out of research
labs and into the market. A simple search in GoogleNews for "Semantic
Web" returns almost 40 hits for published news articles for a period of
less than one month.

The objective of this year’s ISWC Industrial Track is to attract papers
reporting on industrial applications of Semantic Web technology. Our
emphasis is on applications of Semantic Web technology, not necessarily
on complete Semantic Web applications. Papers submitted to the ISWC
Industrial Track should describe an application within a particular
organization or industry sector. Apart from a technological description,
authors are encouraged to include a description of how the application
improves business.

We are particularly interested in practical experiences and in lessons
learned regarding Semantic Web applications in industrial contexts that
could be of interest to other organizations.

An additional objective of the track is to attract papers that describe
concrete problems in industry for which Semantic Web technology would
provide a solution. Such papers should analyze the problem and argue for
the appropriateness of Semantic Web technology, and provide an outline
of possible solutions. A comparison to competing approaches using
conventional technology is strongly encouraged.

In order to understand better the actual and potential uptake of
Semantic Web technology in different industries, authors are requested
to indicate both the application task (e.g., B2B, Search, Call centers,
Business Intelligence, KM, CRM, Portals, etc.) and business sector
(Automotive, Telecom, Finance, Public Administration, Pharmaceutics, IT,
FMCG, Healthcare, Aeronautics, etc.) of their applications and problems.

For submitting a paper, authors should follow the general guidelines of
the research track.


     Mark A. Musen, Stanford University

     Yolanda Gil, University of Southern California
     Enrico Motta, The Open University

     Richard Benjamins, iSOCO S.A.

     Riichiro Mizoguchi, Osaka University

     Michel Klein, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
     Ubbo Visser, Universität Bremen

     R.V. Guha, IBM Almaden Research Laboratory

     Natalya F. Noy, Stanford University


  April 30, 2005          Research track paper submissions due
  April 30, 2005          Industrial track paper submissions due
  November 6-10, 2005     ISWC 2005

Yolanda Gil
Associate Director for Research, Intelligent Systems Division, USC/ISI
Research Associate Professor, USC/CS
Information Sciences Institute
University of Southern California
4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 1001
Marina del Rey, CA 90292 (USA)
Phone: (310) 448-8794
Fax: (310) 822-0751

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