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Call for Papers

International Workshop on Context for Web Services (CWS'05)
Held in conjunction with CONTEXT, the 5th International and
Interdisciplinary Conference 
on Modeling and Using Context (http://context-05.org)

July 5, 2005.  Paris, France


Keynote Speaker:
- David Martin, SRI International's Artificial Intelligence
Center, CA, USA, 

- International Sponsors: AgentLink, ObjectWeb
- Local Sponsors: LIRIS Laboratory, Istase.

Papers of the Workshop will be published in ELSEVIER's
Electronic Notes
  in Theoretical Computer Science (Elsevier's ENTCS).
Web services are nowadays emerging as a major technology for deploying
 automated interactions between distributed and heterogeneous
Various standards support this deployment including WSDL, UDDI, and
These standards respectively support the definition of Web services,
 advertisement to the community of potential users, and finally their
for invocation purposes. In general, composing Web services rather than
a single service is essential and provides better benefits to users. 
Composition primarily addresses the situation of a user's request that
 be satisfied by any available service, whereas a composite service
 by combining available services might be used.

Several questions raise during Web services composition and execution
 which businesses have the capacity to provision Web services, when and
the provisioning of Web services occurs, and how Web services from
parties coordinate their activities during execution so that conflicts
are avoided. 
To address some of these questions, it is recommended considering the
context in
 which the composition and execution of Web services occur. Context is
 perceived as the information that characterizes the interaction
between humans, 
applications, and the surrounding environment. From a Web services
it is expected that context should define a set of common data about
 current status of a Web service and its capability of collaborating
with other peers,
 possibly enacted by distinct providers. For example before a Web
service agrees to 
participate in a composite service its status in terms of current
participation is
 assessed. Moreover, before a back-up strategy is deployed an
assessment of the
 exception that a Web service has raised is needed.

Relevant topics:
- Ontologies and context for Web services
- Context-based semantic matching for Web services composition
- Context-based Web services deployment
- Software agent-based approaches for context-based Web services
- Context-aware Web services
- Security of context during Web services interactions
- Software agents and context for Web services personalization

Papers and Evaluations:

Authors are invited to submit electronically original papers through
 Web site (http://www.context-05.org). Papers length should be between
12 and  15
 pages and must be in  ELSEVIER's ENTCS submission format
All papers will be reviewed on the basis of relevance, clarity, and
technical quality.
Papers of the workshop will be published as post-proceedings in
ELSEVIER's Electronic Notes
 in Theoretical Computer Science (ELSEVIER's ENTCS,
A first hard copy will be provided at the workshop. A special issue in
an international 
journal is expected and will be dedicated to selected papers from the
At least one author of each paper should attend the workshop to present
the paper. 
For more information, please contact the workshop chairs at
chirine.ghedira at liris.cnrs.fr, 
djamal.benslimane at liris.cnrs.fr, zakaria.maamar at zu.ac.ae. 


- Submissions due: March 25th, 2005
- Acceptance notification: April 15th, 2005 
- Camera-ready papers received: April 30th, 2005 
- Program on line: May 5th, 2005 
- Workshop: July 5th, 2005

Workshop Organizers:
- C. Ghedira, Lyon 1 University, France
- D. Benslimane,  Lyon 1 University, France
- Z. Maamar, Zayed University, U.A.E

Scientific Committee:
- K. Baina, ENSIAS, Morocco
- B. Benatallah, UNSW, Australia
- M. Berger, Siemens, Germany
- W. Binder, EPFL, Switzerland
- L. Cavedon, Stanford University, USA
- R.M. Dijkman, University of Twente, Netherlands
- M. Dumas, QUT, Australia
- J. Fayolle, Saint-Etienne University, France
- M. S. Hacid, Lyon 1 University, France
- R. Khalaf, IBM research, USA
- M. Khedr, Arab Academy for  Science and Technology, Egypt
- F. Letellier, ObjectWeb Consortium, INRIA, France
- Q. Mahmoud, Guelph University, Canada
- B. Medjahed, Michigan University, USA
- G. Kouadri M., Fribourg University, Switzerland
- S. Kouadri M., Fribourg University, Switzerland
- N. C. Narendra, IBM Software Labs, India
- M. Nunez, Madrid University, Spain
- Q. Z. Sheng, UNSW, Australia
- P. Thiran, Eindhoven University, The Netherlands


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IUT A Informatique
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