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Please distribute among your colleagues:



    Argentine National Library, Buenos Aires
    September 14-15, 2003
    Draft Papers due by May 30, 2003.

    A special issue of the 
    Journal of Applied Logic (edited by Dov Gabbay) 
    will be devoted to the best original
    papers presented in the workshop.

    (please see also www.lip.uns.edu.ar/cmsra)

  The purpose of this workshop is to bring together
  practitioners in the several fields involved in
  the computational models of scientific reasoning (Logic,
  KR&R, Cognitive Sciences, Epistemology and Theory of Science,
  among others) in order to exchange the results of their
  ongoing research, share their experiences and speculate
  about their impact on the new information technologies.

  The scope of the workshop includes (but is not limited to)
  the following areas:

1. Inference Procedures

    Ampliative Inference
    Argumentative and Defeasible Reasoning
    Analogy, Induction and Abduction
    Paraconsistent Logics
    Plausible and Hypothetical Reasoning
    Causal and Explanatory Reasoning
    Hypothesis Formation, Learning and Discovery
    Coherence, Explanation and Acceptance
    Procedural Rationality
    Distributed Scientific Inference 

2. Philosophical Aspects of the Computational
    Models of Scientific Reasoning

    Computational Epistemology and Theory of Science
    Cognitive Theory Formation
    Acceptance and Decision Making
    Reasoning as opposed to Logic
    Concept Formation and Conceptual Change
    Design in Scientific Method
    The Growth of Knowledge

3. Social Metaphors

    Science as Distributed Computing
    Models of Science Distributed over Large
       Networks (grids, semantic webs)
    Internet Epistemology
    Self-Organizing Agents
    Team Theory
    Rules of Negotiation
    Social Choice
    Sociology of Knowledge
    Evolutionary Epistemology

4. Applications

    New Information Technologies
    Computational Theories in the Sciences
    Intelligent Data Mining
    Agent-Based Scientific Discovery
    Modelling Agreement
    Intelligent Protocols for E-Commerce

Program Committee

    Diderik Batens
    Universiteit Gent - Belgium 
    Diderik.Batens at rug.ac.be 

    Jean-Yves Béziau
    Institut de Logique
    Université de Neuchâtel - Switzerland
    Jean-Yves.Beziau at unine.ch 

    Otávio Bueno
    Department of Philosophy
    University of South Carolina - USA
    obueno at sc.edu

    Walter Carnielli
    Centre for Logic and Epistemology
    State University of Campinas - Brasil
    carniell at cle.unicamp.br
    Marcelo Coniglio
    Centre for Logic and Epistemology
    State University of Campinas - Brasil
    coniglio at cle.unicamp.br
    Claudio Delrieux
    Universidad Nacional del Sur - Argentina
    claudio at acm.org

    Steven French
    School of Philosophy
    University of Leeds - UK
    s.r.d.french at leeds.ac.uk

    Lorenzo Magnani
    Department of Philosophy & Computational Philosophy Laboratory
    University of Pavia - ITALY, and
    Program in Philosophy, Science, and Technology
    Georgia Institute of Technology - USA
    lmagnani at cc.gatech.edu

    David Pearce
    Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid - Spain
    d.pearce at escet.urjc.es

    Luis Moniz Pereira
    Centro de Inteligência Artificial - CENTRIA
    Universidade Nova de Lisboa - Portugal
    lmp at di.fct.unl.pt

Submission Information

  Submissions should arrive by May 30. Electronic
  submissions (LaTeX, Acrobat pdf or poscript)
  are preferred. Send a 5 page draft paper to:

       Claudio Delrieux
       Universidad Nacional del Sur - ARGENTINA
       p. o. box 127 - (8000) Bahia Blanca - Argentina
       claudio at acm.org
       Tel: 54 - 291 - 4595101 ext. 3381
       Fax: 54 - 291 - 4595154

Important Dates
     May 30:    Draft papers (about 5 pages) due
     June 30:   Notification of acceptance
     July 30:   Camera-Ready papers & Prereg. due
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