[DL] Description Logic Handbook now in stock

Graham Robertson gsr100 at cambridge.org
Mon Feb 10 18:48:48 CET 2003

Now available from Cambridge University Press:

'The Description Logic Handbook' edited by Franz Baader, Diego Calvanese,
Deborah McGuinness, Daniele Nardi and Peter Patel-Schneider.

£80.00 | Hardback | 570 pages 14 tables 53 figures | ISBN: 0521781760

1.An introduction to description logics; Part I. Theory: 2. Basic
description logics; 3. Complexity of reasoning; 4. Relationships with other
formalisms ; 5. Expressive description logics; 6. Extensions to description
logics; Part II. Implementation: 7. From description logic provers to
knowledge representation systems; 8. Description logics systems; 9.
Implementation and optimisation techniques; Part III. Applications: 10.
Conceptual modeling with description logics; 11. Software engineering; 12.
Configurations; 13. Medical informatics; 14. Digital libraries and
web-based information systems; 15. Natural language processing; 16.
Description logics for datadl at dl.kr.orgbases; Appendix. Description logic
terminology; Bibliography.

More details can be obtained at the Cambridge web site:

or from Graham Robertson at gsr100 at cambridge.org

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