[DL] CADE-19 Call for Workshops and Tutorials

Prof. Franz Baader baader at tcs.inf.tu-dresden.de
Fri Sep 6 08:58:15 CEST 2002

CADE-19 Call for Workshops and Tutorials

CADE-19, the 19th International Conference on Automated Deduction, will 
take place in Miami, Florida, USA (... in the sunshine ... on the 
beach), on July 28 - August 2, 2003. Workshops and tutorials will be 
held on July 28-29, 2002. They will ordinarily run for one or two days, 
but half-day ones are possible as well.

Workshop Topics. Recent CADE workshops have included term 
schematizations and their applications, automation of proofs by 
induction, empirical studies in logic algorithms, mechanizations of 
partial functions, proof search in type-theoretic languages, automated 
model building, evaluation of automated theorem-proving systems, 
strategies in automated deduction, automated theorem proving in software 
engineering and in mathematics, unification, automated verification, and 
integration of symbolic computation and deduction.
We encourage workshops that build on previous events as well as new ones 
in novel research areas broadly related to automated deduction.

Tutorial Topics. Recent CADE tutorials have included equality reasoning 
in semantic tableaux, proof systems for nonmonotonic logics, rewrite 
techniques in theorem proving, proof planning, parallelization of 
deduction strategies, resolution decision methods, constructive type 
theory, the use of semantics in Herbrand-based proof procedures, logical 
frameworks, theorem proving by the inverse method, deduction methods 
based on boolean rings, higher-order equational logic, term indexing in 
automated reasoning, and combination of decision procedures.
Tutorials may be introductory, intermediate, or advanced. Tutorials on 
novel research are also encouraged. In any case, a tutorial must be 
broad enough to cover a research area in which there is a significant 
publication activity in the community. Presentations that focus on the 
presenters' own research results or commercial presentations are not 

Workshop/Tutorial Participation and Publication

Workshop/tutorial participants will not be required to register for 
CADE. The registration fee will be the same regardless of whether the 
participant also registers for CADE or not.

Workshop organizers may choose to have their workshop proceedings 
printed and distributed by CADE-19 organizers. In addition, there will 
be a joint Web-publication of all the workshop proceedings at 
conference. Hence, electronic submissions to the workshops are strongly 
encouraged, and the workshop organizers are expected to provide an 
on-line version of their proceedings.
Tutorial presenters are expected to prepare handouts for the audience, 
and may choose to have these printed and distributed by CADE-19 
organizers. They may also choose to have their materials made available 
on the conference Web site before the start of the conference.

How to Propose a Workshop or a Tutorial

Workshop or tutorial proposals must contain the necessary information 
for the program committee to judge the importance, quality and community 
interest in the proposed topic. Each workshop must have one or more 
designated organizers and may have a program committee as well.
A workshop's submission deadline should be no earlier than April 7, 
2003, while its notification of acceptance deadline should be no later 
than May 16, 2003.
See the CADE-19 web site for more specific requirements on the proposals.


- Proposal submissions:   15 Dec 2002
- Proposal notification:  15 Jan 2003
- Workshop submissions:    7 Apr 2003 or later
- Workshop notification:  16 May 2003 or before
- Pre-registration:       23 May 2003
- Camera-ready materials: 14 Jul 2003

Further Information

More details on proposal preparation and submission, and further 
information on the arrangements for workshops and tutorials are 
available from the CADE-19 Web site at http://www.CADE-19.info

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