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******************E.W. Beth Dissertation Prize Winners****************

The selection for the E.W. Beth Dissertation Prize for the years 2001 and
2002 is concluded. In both years, the quality of submissions was very high
and the competition intense. After careful deliberation the committee
has reached the following decisions:

- The E.W. Beth Dissertation Prize 2001 has been awarded to Gerald PENN
(University of Toronto) for the dissertation `The Algebraic Structure of
Attributed Type Signatures`. (PhD awarded in the year 2000).

- The E.W. Beth Dissertation Prize 2002 has been awarded to Maria ALONI
(University of Amsterdam) for the dissertation `Quantification under
conceptual covers`. (PhD awarded in the year 2001).

The abstracts of the theses can be found at:

FoLLI would like to congratulate the winners for their excellent thesis,
and to thank all applicants who responded to the call for submissions and
the members of the E.W. Beth Dissertation Prize Committee (Anne Abeille,
Natasha Alechina (chair), Patrick Blackburn, Nissim Francez, Valentin
Goranko, Marcus Kracht, Larry Moss, Francesco Orilia, Manfred Pinkal,
Christian Retore, Rob van der Sandt and Henriette de Swart) for doing
a great job.

An award ceremony will take place during ESSLLI 02 in Trento, on Thursday
8th of August at 20:00.  For further information see the ESSLLI 02 web
page: http://www.esslli2002.it/

Finally, our thanks go to the E.W. Beth Foundation which kindly sponsors
the prize.

On behalf of FoLLI,

Raffaella Bernardi

Raffaella Bernardi
Research Assistant
(CologNet, Area 6)
UiL OTS, Utrecht University
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