[DL] model theory of description logics

Sebastien Ferre ferre at irisa.fr
Mon Jul 1 10:44:49 CEST 2002

Hi Baris,

Baris Sertkaya wrote:
>         hi,
>         I am looking for documents on the model theory of description logics
>         and the relation between description logics and formal concept
>         analysis.
>         I searched the web, but could not find much related documents.Could
>         you please provide me some documents or links on these subjects?

I don't know of any work comparing description logics and concept
but I know some work that combine them. Perhaps you should look in the
proceedings of ICCS'00.

There is a paper of Baader and Molitor titled "Building and Structuring
Description Logic Knowledge Bases Using Least Common Subsumers and
Concept Analysis".

There is also a paper from Ridoux and me about a generalization of
concept analysis,
where sets of attributes are replaced by an almost arbitrary logic:
Logical Concept Analysis (LCA). Logics that can be used in LCA are
similar to
description logics in the sense that formulas are interpreted by sets of
individuals/objects instead of truth values. We use LCA in information
systems and
information retrieval (see http://www.irisa.fr/prive/ridoux/LIS/), but I
this is not limitative.

Hope this helps,
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