[DL] Call for Participation : ECAI 2002 WS on NLP and ML for Ontology Engineering

Nathalie Aussenac-Gilles aussenac at irit.fr
Tue Jun 25 01:12:01 CEST 2002

Workshop held in conjunction with the ECAI 2002 conference

Machine Learning and Natural Language 
Processing for Ontology Engineering



Lyon (France), July 22-23 2002

Registration is open on-lien on the ECAI Web site 

Participants to the workshop are invited to send a one page motivation
abstract to OLT2002 at sophia.inria.fr. This abstract will present some of
their research related to the WS topics and propose questions to be

Workshop PROGRAM

MONDAY July 22nd

SESSION 1, terminology and ontology
How far Association Rules and Statistical Indices help Structure
Hacène Cherfi, Yannick Toussaint, LORIA (Nancy, France)

Terminology Extraction from Text to Build an Ontology in Surgical
Intensive Care
Sophie Le Moigno, Jean Charlet, Didier Bourigault, Patrice Degoulet,
Marie-Christine Jaulent, AP-HP et INSERM (Paris, France) et ERSS
(Toulouse, France)


Invited speaker
Bruno Bachimont (INA and UTC, France)
>From texts to conceptual structures: the gaps between texts, semantic
descriptions and conceptual structures

SESSION 3, learning semantic relations from patterns
Automatic Acquisition of Hyponyms and Meronyms from Question Corpora,
Häkan Sundblad, Dept. of Computer Science (Linköping, Sweden)

Information Extraction and Ontology Learning Guided by Web Directory
Martin Kavalec, Vojtèch Svàtek, DIKE, University of Economics (Prague,
Czech Republic)


SESSION 2, learning semantic classes
Mapping Syntactic Dependencies onto Semantic Relations
Pablo Gamallo, Marco Gonzalez, Alexandre Agustini, Gabriel Lopes, Vera
S. de Lima, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal) and PUCRS (Brazil)

A Galois Lattice based Approach to Lexical Inheritance Hierarchy
Caroline Sporleder, Univ. Edinburgh (U.K.)

Ontology and Lexicon Evolution by Text Understanding
Udo Hahn, Kornél G. Marko, TKE (Freiburg, Germany)


TUESDAY July, 23rd

invited speaker
Roberto Basili

SESSION 4, ontology enrichment and evolution
Combining Disambiguation Techniques to Enrich an Ontology
Mark Stevenson, Reuters Ltd. (London, U.K.)

A Differential Approach for Knowledge Management
Bernard Rothenburger, IRIT (Toulouse, France)

Closing discussion

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