[DFTB-Plus-User] DFTB+ 17.1 in Windows OS

Krishna Mohan G.P. gpkmohan at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 20 18:01:28 CEST 2017

Dear List,

Here, as a user, I wish to note that a Windows version ofDFTB+ [17.1] with OpenMP support is ready and it can be downloadedfrom: 


And this binaries (all are 32 bit applications; dftb+.exe, modes.exe, waveplot.exe) canbe used a Stand-alone program or use with other programs like ASE (I used itwith  NEB routines once, for example) .
For the details on its use, please see the accompanying notesin the Zip file and read the 'Technical Notes' on that page.
The Disclaimer is published in: http://www.dftbplus.org/download/dftb-171 
To compiled the binaries, Intel's Parallel Studio XE 2016 Composer Edition for Windows Intels Fortran Compiler Collection [16.1] / Math Kernel Libraries and Microsoft Visual Studio (2013) Tools have been used.
Please also note that any comments/suggestions etc. can bemailed to: krishnamohan.gp (at) gmail.com 
With thanks,

Dr. Krishna Mohan G. P



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