[DFTB-Plus-User] DFTB+ 17.1 released under LGPL license

Bálint Aradi aradi at uni-bremen.de
Mon Jun 19 10:26:58 CEST 2017

Dear DFTB+ community,

We are proud to announce the first LGPL-licensed open source version
of DFTB+ (release 17.1). This release marks the beginning of a new era
for DFTB+ development. As of today, ten years after the 1.0 release of
DFTB+, there are more than two thousand academic groups registered on
our website for access to the code. We have received a lot useful
feedback and suggestions in those years, helping us to make DFTB+ more
robust and user-friendly, and to extend it with a lot of useful
features. We would like to THANK YOU all for those contributions!

We think its now time to go even further! The aim is to extend the
active community and to make DFTB+ useful for an even broader
scientific community in future years. Therefore, we have changed the
license of the software to the open source license LGPL, enabling you

* obtain and use DFTB+ without any registration process, independent
  of whether your research is commercial or not,

* interface and distribute DFTB+ as part of your academic or
  commercial software package,

* easily contribute to DFTB+ by using our publicly hosted repository.

For more details see http://www.dftbplus.org

We hope, you will continue to find DFTB+ useful for your scientific
research, and are looking forward for your feedback, suggestions and

DFTB+ developers

Dr. Bálint Aradi
Bremen Center for Computational Materials Science, University of Bremen

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