[DFTB-Plus-User] Segmentation fault for Fe4_non-colinear with WriteHS option

Zhengping Jiang z1.jiang at samsung.com
Sat Dec 31 01:12:16 CET 2016


I find that when I turn on the WriteHS option, the code will give a segmentation fault. I cannot find the reason so far. Anyone can help with this?

** Geometry step: 0

iSCC Total electronic   Diff electronic      SCC error

Program received signal SIGSEGV: Segmentation fault - invalid memory reference.

Backtrace for this error:
#0  0xC1BD0D in _gfortrani_backtrace at backtrace.c:258
#1  0xBFEC70 in _gfortrani_backtrace_handler at compile_options.c:129
#2  0xC4FF8F in gsignal
#3  0x546962 in __eigenvects_MOD_cmplx2cmpnt
#4  0x41960E in MAIN__ at dftb+.f90:?
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Happy new year for everyone!

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