[DFTB-Plus-User] how to use planar gate?

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On 08/20/2013 06:12 PM, Xiaobao wrote:
> Dear DFTB users,
> I have some questions about planar gate:
> Does it mean we have two gates, bottom and top gate? The GatePotential
> is the one we apply to top gate and as a default the bottom gate
> connect to ground?
> Is there any way I can set an insulator between two gates?
> Thanks,
> Best,
> xiaobao, 

Hi Xiaobao,

no, the planar gate is not a double gate, is a "real" planar gate, i.e.
it imposes Dirichlet bc on a single squared region. There are more
possible gate geometries incoming, but as they're not properly tested,
they are not supported in the current version. Same for the dielectric.


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