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when eV is specified the corresponding potential is in Volt. If you 
like, you can see it as the rigid shift in the chemical potential 
associated with that potential. Under the hood, the value fixes a bias, 
therefore is equivalent to applying that finite bias to the gate 
electrode. Therefore, if you want 1V set 1V regardless the number of 
free electrons (besides 1V is pretty high...you could need luck for 


On 04/19/2013 07:42 PM, Xiaobao wrote:
> Hi,
>         I have a question about the unit of GatePotential. In the 
> manual, the unit of this potential is in eV. Let 's assume I have a 
> system of 100 "free" electrons and the setting gate potential of 1eV.  
> The free electrons may come from doping, for example.  Does this 
> setting imply that the circuital potential is  0.01 Volt ? Otherwise, 
> how can i set a circuital voltage of 1 V to  the system of 100 free 
> electrons?
> Thank you!
> Xiaobao,
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