[DFTB-Plus-User] got warning

Mohammad Goodarzi mohammad.godarzi at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 14:15:51 CET 2011

I have got this warning , what should I do with that ?

-> The following 4 node(s) had been ignored by the parser:
Path: dftb_in/Hamiltonian/DFTB/Variational
Line: 94-94 (File: dftb_in.hsd)
Path: dftb_in/Hamiltonian/DFTB/SlaterKosterFiles/C-N
Line: 125-125 (File: dftb_in.hsd)
Path: dftb_in/Options/MullikenAnalysis
Line: 186-186 (File: dftb_in.hsd)
Path: dftb_in/Options/CalculateForces
Line: 187-187 (File: dftb_in.hsd)

-> Code halting due to the presence of errors in dftb_in file.

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