[DFTB-Plus-User] compilation error in another machine

Seung Mi Lee seungmi.lee at kriss.re.kr
Tue Nov 18 02:18:37 CET 2008

Dear B?lint,(and all)


Thank you very much for your reply.

I have to say that I have met another problem during compilation in another

How can I solve this problem? Thank you in advance.

ursa0:~/DFTBp/dftb+_1.0.1_src/prg_dftb$ make

make[1]: Entering directory

cpp -traditional -DDEBUG=0 -DEXTERNALERFC
/home/smlee/DFTBp/dftb+_1.0.1_src/prg_dftb/../lib_geoopt/geoopt.F90 |
/home/smlee/DFTBp/dftb+_1.0.1_src/prg_dftb/../utils/fpp/fpp.sh noln2 >

pgf90  -o geoopt.o -c geoopt.f90

PGF90-S-0155-Illegal POINTER assignment - type mismatch (geoopt.f90: 179)

PGF90-S-0155-Illegal POINTER assignment - type mismatch (geoopt.f90: 180)

PGF90-S-0038-Symbol, null, has not been explicitly declared (geoopt.f90)

  0 inform,   0 warnings,   3 severes, 0 fatal for geoopt_createcommon

make[1]: *** [geoopt.o] Error 2

rm geoopt.f90

make[1]: Leaving directory

make: *** [_obj_i686-linux-pgi] Error 2



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